AhadithTears over the Oppressed State of the Shiites


جعفر بن مُحمد (ع) قال:
مَن دَمعت عيناه فينا دمعةً لِدمٍ سُفِك لنا أو حقٍّ لنا نُقِصناه أو عِرض انتُهِك لنا أو لأحد مِن شيعتنا بوّأه الله تعالى فيها في الجنة حُقباَ

Imam Sadiq (A.S.) said

He whose eyes shed tears for our blood which has been shed, or for our rights which have been usurped, or for the humiliation meted out to us or to one of our Shiites, Allah shall accommodate him in paradise for a long time.

Source: Amali Sheikh al Mufid, pg. 175.