Eid-e-Zehra is marked on 9th of Rabi Al Awwal.This year, it falls on Sat Sep 14 2024 . [1]

One of the events which is marked on this day is the believed beginning of the Imamate of the 12th Imam, al-Hujjah ibn al-Hasan. It is also narrated in some traditions to be the first time that the 4th Imām smiled and rejoiced after the events of Karbala in which he saw his entire family and friends killed by Ibne Ziyaad, Umar ibne Sa’d, Yazid ibne Mu’awiyah and others. It is said that on the 9th of Rabi’ul Awwal of the year 67 A.H., Mukhtar sent the head of Ubaydallah Ziyad to Imam Zainul Abedeen.

[1] Actual date may depend on the local sighting of moon. This is an estimate.