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 In ahadith the month is also known as “Rabi-ul-Qulub” meaning the month of spring for the hearts. During spring the earth suddenly becomes soft and dormant seeds come to life and this miracle of creation becomes visible to the human being. In the month of Ramadhan; He softens the heart of our souls but it is up to us to make the heart blossom making it “Qalbul Mu’minur Rahmaan” (A heart of a believer of the Rahmaan) In this month there is visible readiness, a different preparation, the heart is ready to accept something, and it is seeking guidance from Allah. Hence the Merciful has established the month of Ramadhan for the descent of the Qur’an. Fasting is amongst the essential discipline of this month. Fasting comes under the category of discipline. It is the discipline of the month of Ramadhan to fast in this month. The one who does not fast is an ill-mannered person. But it is not that one who fasts will achieve all the blessings of the Qur’an, will collect all the blessings of Ramadhan by just one fast! Fasting makes our hearts tender. Fasting prepares our soul for a better understanding of the Quran, properly accepting the guidance.

Supplications & Ziyarats for Ramadan